For me, working with Mike has revealed three distinct strengths that I think are quite rare.

First of all, he is extremely strong at pulling people together from across the breadth of an organisation, from a range of departments and roles, to truly collaborate on a project or initiative even when the set up may be dysfunctional at the outset.

Secondly, he is brilliant at staying focused and championing the vision for the programme he is working on with a very clear roadmap and KPIs.

Third and finally, Mike really does get the best out of people. He has an amazing ability to build a rapport and connection with different types of individuals. People really respect and trust him and he promotes positivity at all times (even in the face of adversity).

Mike is hugely effective in working with people and identifying their strengths and contributions – from the Exec team to more junior roles, it’s an absolute strength. I cannot recommend him highly enough. And he’s a really lovely guy too.